***Survey--Class of 1963 55th Reunion Interest

This is a survey to see if there is interest in attending a 55th Class Reunion in 2018--and if there is anyone or any group that would like to plan the reunion. There are some funds left over from the 50th Class Reunion. Please share your interest. 

FYI: Classmates will be able to view collective group results but WILL NOT be able to view each Classmate's specific answers.  Individual answers are never displayed to site members for privacy purposes.

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1)   * Are you interested in attending a 55th reunion for the Lincoln Southeast class of 1963?

Yes No
2)   * Are you interested in planning or helping to plan the reunion?

Yes No
3)   * Tom Reents, before he died, had suggested having a dinner at a restaurant with each person paying for their meal. It has also been suggested to have the reunion in a large open place where people can mingle or sit and visit. (Food might be pizza and drinks or some other easy food.) Which would you prefer?

  Dinner at a restaurant
  Informal gathering at a venue where classmates could mingle

If you have other ideas to be considered, please express your ideas in the comments or suggestions.
4)   * What time of the year would you prefer to have the reunion if we have one?

5)   Do you have any comments or suggestions? If so, please include them below.

6)   If you are interested in being on a committee to plan the reunion, please email Dennis Grams at ldgrams@neb.rr.com.